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Enrolment Information for Foreign Students

1. Applicants

Foreigners, who are high school graduates or higher, healthy, aged between 18 and 60, and willing to abide by China's laws and the university rules, can all apply to study in LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY. We offer both long-term Chinese training programs (18 weeks or longer) and short-term ones (4 months or under).

2. Application Materials

a. Foreign Student Application Form
b. Duplicated copies of passport and ID card
c. Foreigner Physical Examination Record (X visa applicant only)

3. Application

Please contact Section of Foreign Students and obtain your application form, which can also be downloaded from our website. Your filled-in application form and the above stated materials are expected to be mailed back to us two months prior to the commencement of the semester, together with the registration fee and three photos. A reply will be sent to you in thirty days from the day your materials reach us.

4. Enrolment

An enrolled student will receive the following materials:
b. JW201/202 Form issued by China Ministry of Education
c. Physical Examination Record (X visa applicant only, valid for a period of six months)

5.Visa Application

a. With the JW201/202 Form and the Admission Notice, the applicant can get X visa from the Chinese embassies / consulates.
b. The applicant who will study for one year or longer is advised to apply for X visa.
c. The applicant who will study for a half year or under may apply for X/F visa.
d. The applicant who will study for one month may apply for L visa.
e. The applicant who bears X visa is expected to report your stay at the Public Securities Bureau.

6. Registration

a. Please get registered at the right time and the designated place as stated in the Admission Notice.
b. Please show your Admission Notice, JW201/202 Form and Physical Examination Record (original)
c. Prepare 4-6 photos.
d. Go through the accommodation procedures.
e. Be sure to pay the required tuition and miscellaneous fees.
f. X visa applicants need to have your health checked at the quarantine station, and if your Physical Examination Record ( valid for 6 months ) expires, you have to do another one.
g. When the above stated items completed, you can begin your study here.


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