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Party Affairs Office

Party Affairs Office, a comprehensive working office under direct control of LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY’s Communist Party Committee, plays the part of an aide, coordinator, inspector with respect to the major school affairs, thus serving as the hub linking different departments and offices as well as an important window to the outside.

President Office

President Office is an administrative body directly under the President of LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY. It centers on the schoolwork and provides aid to school leaders in coordinating and supervising important schoolwork.

Office of Discipline Inspection Commission, Supervision and Auditing

The Office of Discipline Inspection Commission, Supervision and Auditing is responsible for the discipline inspection, supervision and auditing. The main task of the discipline inspection commission is to maintain rules and other inner-party regulations of the Party help the Party Committee to strengthen the construction of the ethos of Party, and check the proper implementation of rules, policies and decisions of Party. The regular work of the Discipline Inspection Commission is to educate Party member in observing discipline, make decision in maintaining the party discipline, check and deal with relatively important or complicated cases in which any organization and member violated rules of party, eke out or cancel the punishment on certain Party members involved in these cases, and handle charges and appeals made by Party members.

Teaching Affairs Department

Teaching Affairs Department is a teaching administrative body under school leaders of LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY that undertakes management planning, supervision, organizing and coordination of the teaching affairs in the university. Specifically, it is responsive to organize the regular teaching affairs, manage the student’s records and give awards or punishments to the students

Personnel Department

The Personnel Department of LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY is an administrative organ that takes charge of the introduction, employment, allocation, cultivation, promotion of faculty, and in the meantime administers the professional titles, gives out salary, awards or ekes out punishments. The Personnel Office of LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY will provide warm and sincere services for anyone who are interested in taking part in the cause of higher education.

Department of International Communication and Cooperation

LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY 's Department of International Communication and Cooperation is a functional organization responsible for schoolwork related to foreign affairs. It is designated to carry out national foreign policy and educational policy in relation to foreign affairs, deal with all schoolwork of foreign affairs. She bears double duty of strictly following foreign policy and foreign affairs management. Specifically speaking, the division is to manage, guide, coordinate, and provide service for any foreign-related work in the school.

Science and Technology Office

Led by the President of the University, Science and Technology Office is responsible for the school’s daily work concerning scientific research and development, Patent application and Prize offering to the excellent scientific researchers. The office plays an important role in administering and improving the scientific research and development in the university.

Department of Graduate Students

The Department of Graduate Students is in charge of the enrolment, registration and administration of all the M.A. / M. Eng. candidates and students who are studying for their respective degrees, which is carried out through its Admission Office, Registration Office and Degree Office. At present a number of 507 graduate students are studying for their respective M.A. degrees in over 10 professional specialties such Chemical Techniques, Industrial Catalysis, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Oil-gas Distribution, Applied Computer Techniques, Technological Economy & Administration, which are entitled to award M.A. degrees. There are 4 engineering specialties which have the qualifications to grant M.Eng. degrees to those on-the-post personnel working for their M.Eng. degrees.

Graduate education here has always emphasized quality. The graduate teaching lays great emphasis on the method of seminar which is extensively employed. The graduate students are encouraged to get actively involved in scientific research projects in their own specialties as well as in a variety of activities of social practice. Today the graduate students at LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY have become a vital new force in the scientific research work of the university.  

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